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Your home is your castle. You've worked hard for what you've built, why not make sure you have protection fit for royalty?



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The Chronicle Agency strives to provide both exemplary customer service and quality of coverage to last through every chapter of your life’s story. Throughout our journey together, we promise to retain our unique consultative approach at a semi-annual basis to ensure that your insurance coverage will always be the exact protection you need. It doesn't matter which chapter of life you're in, we have you covered. Thanks for considering Chronicle as your insurance ally. We can't wait to begin our journey together!

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A roof doesn't cover everything. We can. Possessions don't have to be temporary.


Whether its a classic car or an everyday commuter, we have exactly what you need to cruise on the road living life as you do best-stress free!

Power outage can be common with storms. We can take steps to prepare beforehand but sometimes the damage still happens! What do you do after the fact?