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Life is a winding road with unexpected detours and amazing adventures. At The Chronicle Agency we realize that every person's journey is different. An insurance policy isn't a 'quick fix' but a long term strategy that is the sole protector between what you love and catastrophe. Why not fall asleep in full confidence that the shield we give you has been built specifically for the story you're writing? A shield specifically for YOUR CHRONICLE


TO customize an insurance strategy to shield all aspects of your life's story-current and future

Koren is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. After traveling the world volunteering and working in the non-profit realm, she discovered the true importance of the management of risk. Life is full of perils that leave families homeless, injured, or with a financial situation that takes decades to recover from. She decided to be the shield standing between families and catastrophe. The Chronicle Agency was developed with the vision of trust, integrity and collaboration. You won't just have an agent, but an ally that fights for you everyday.

“I'm lucky to have found a career that combines my passion for people but also my obligation to improving humanity. I change lives every day and that's an amazing feeling!"

Koren Dodd