storms & insurance

Power outage can be common with storms. We can take steps to prepare beforehand but sometimes the damage still happens! What do you do after the fact? Depending on your coverages, your insurance policy can help.

Food in the fridge and freezer?

For renters/homeowner’s policies you can get monetarily reimbursed for any food lost during a power outage. Though normally built into policies, the deductible can differ from your base. For instance, you may have chosen a $1,000 deductible for your policy but this situation could have its own deductible meaning you won’t be paying $1,000 but often an amount a lot lower.

Electrical problems?

One of my most popular homeowner’s policies has a service line endorsement built into the policy at no extra cost. This endorsement is also in the ‘protected’ category meaning any claim you make under this endorsement doesn’t raise rates later or change your rewards status. What exactly does it cover?

• Water piping that connects your home to a public water supply system or private well system.

• Sewer piping that connects from your home to a public sewer system or private septic system.

• Ground loop piping that connects to a heat pump.

• Power lines or wiring that provide electrical service to your home or other structures.

My clients know that the systems running their home are always protected in any storm. Talk to your agent (or talk to me!) we will know your coverages and if submitting a claim will be the best strategy to take. Stay safe! 

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